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About Red Shoe Savvy


Grow and Build Business

Red Shoe Savvy inspires women to build and grow businesses. We do this through video conversations with savvy women and creating video so our clients influence and inspire their customers.

Our website delivers conversations and commentary filled with experiences, stories and know-how focused on engaging, enabling and enriching women who are launching and growing business.

If this is you, we know what you’re going through. Every woman in our videos has felt uncertainty and elation, experienced failure and reignited creativity. We’ve juggled life goals, career aspirations and family needs with one hand tied behind our backs while doing the quick-step in 4-inch stiletto’s.

We’ve danced in your shoes … and we’re here for you.

Rather than bemoaning our fates, victimizing our circumstances and hiding our heads in the sink, we found ways to be mistresses of our future, queens of our creation… and owners our own businesses. We wear every necessary shoe from sandal to sneaker – and sometimes run barefoot.

We work with women who have know-how, connections and resources. These women want more – more opportunity, more prosperity, more control, more freedom, more room to dream – MORE – and they want it NOW.

Our Clients and Community

Savvy Women have stories to share, experiences to relate and know-how that benefits, teaches, inspires … and makes women in business stronger. We…

  • Are or intend to be trend-setting leaders in their industry, creators of trends and products, and innovators of processes that serve us through change.
  • Welcome technology and know the value it provides to connect, influence and resonate with customers.
  • Share stories, know-how and experiences with other women and know the benefits of enabling others and ourselves to achieve, excel and contribute.

Red Shoe Savvy expects that our clients and community belong to the conversation… and that includes active participation in our initiative to strengthen women business owners globally.

  • Watch, listen to our video and audio conversations.
  • Read our blogs and guest articles – and then comment by sharing your point of view.
  • Tell us what you think, what you want to know, and what you have to share.

About Patricia Lambert
Entrepreneur, Video Producer and Coach, Business Advisor

I believe every woman has the potential to be more than she thinks she can be. I know that every woman is special and has unique experiences that others would find valuable.

I transform lives by telling stories, sharing know-how and connecting women globally. I am happiest when I see the successes of women in my community. With Red Shoe Savvy, I bring deep discussion, inclusivity and diverse perspectives to virtual conversation.

I connect every piece of life experience as director, writer, editor, videographer, coach, trainer, facilitator and business advisor to create virtual content. My clients tell me I have a knack for drawing out stories matching the relevant message, with the optimal medium, at the best time, for the ideal audience… virtually.

I enjoy working with thoughtful, creative, resourceful women who choose to:

  • Experience choices beyond today’s thought constraints.
  • Inspire customers and build relationships using video.
  • Evolve business and life.

I challenge women who have a great message to do something about it – on video!

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