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Intuition and Logic – Using All Our Resources

As women in business we adjust how we make decisions  so we fit within our business environment. Often, we negate or ignore the power of intuition. Most of us have allowed ourselves to be taught or conditioned to dismiss intuition as an effective resource. In a world that changes in nano-seconds, it no longer makes sense for women in business to choose to function without using intuitive decision making.

We overlook intuitive decision making in favour of decisions that are brain-based. Yet, 95% of the decisions we make are intuitive. Dawna Jones, author of Decision Making for Dummies, joins Jamila Bey and Patricia Lambert in this Savvy reSound Podcast focused on using intuitive decision making to achieve results that matter.

Intuitive Decision Making Isn't "Woo-Woo" - It is Science

Intuitive Decision Making isn’t ‘woo-woo’ – it is science.

In this podcast, Jamila Bey shares that intuitive decision making feels like ‘magic’ to her. Yet, she knows that when something does not ‘feel’ right, she needs to pay attention.

Jamila and I include ourselves among women who have spent years trying to convince ourselves that logical decision making is the only way to go. How mistaken we have been to overlook our whole power of self. So, if you’re like Jamila and me, how comfortable is it when Dawna Jones talks about the science of intuitive decision making? Dawna tells us that our logical brains are continually compiling and processing data from our intuitions.

For every woman who is justifiably proud and confident in the capacity of her skills and intellect, this begs the question, “Why not fully embrace our intuition?”

Embracing All Our Resources

Logic dictates that if we wish to make decisions that matter in support of our businesses, our values, our communities, then opening ourselves to embracing all our resources makes sense.

We have a choice to be fully immersed in the data we have available and to use that data when making decisions.


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