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  • “More than lights, camera, action - Patricia is look, think and say! Taking the spotlight to a new level and your video confidence along with it, Patricia coaches you in how (you look), what (you say) and why (your message) your business story gets told. Red Shoe Savvy solves your on air when and where.”

    Heather Walker Virtually Behind the Scenes
  • “Patricia is a genius when it comes to video. In less than an hour she gave me 3 full pages worth of concrete recommendations to enhance what I was already doing. It's the little details that matter when you're making a great videos and Patricia has the eyes, ears and attention to catch them. If you're saying to yourself, "I need someone to tell me exactly what to do to make a great video, and I'll go do it!" Patricia is absolutely perfect. She’ll take your fuzzy, home-made looking video and make it professional!”

    Priya Bains Virtual Freedom Coaching
  • Getting my message right has been a real challenge. Putting it succinctly on camera adds another layer. Patricia is brilliant at calling out places where the message wanders, correcting angles and visual appearance to create a result that is true to you. She's an entrepreneur at heart and a serious ally in supporting your business.”   Video testimonial >

    Dawna Jones InsightOut Consulting, International Speaker, Author Decision Making for Dummies
  • “I recently had the privilege of working with Patricia, at Red Shoe Savvy, to create a series of videos for my business on How To Use LinkedIn Effectively. Patricia’s coaching style was warm yet business-like, and positive yet constructive. Her direction really helped me feel comfortable, raised my confidence level, and took the focus away from me worrying about how I looked on camera to where it really belongs - focused on the message for my audience, to give them some useful tips about using LinkedIn™ properly. Patricia takes her business seriously, and made sure my message was delivered naturally and with the intended goals met. Thank you Patricia!”

    Janice Porter

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